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Shot Glasses Ice Mould

Shot Glasses Ice Mould

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Revolutionize Your Beverage Experience

Upgrade your drink presentation with our eco-friendly silicone shot glass ice mould. Create stylish ice shot glasses effortlessly for a fun and refreshing twist.

Discover the Innovation Behind Our Ice Mold

✅ Chilled Shots in Style Create unique shot glasses made of ice for a fun and stylish twist. ✅ Eco-Friendly Material Crafted from eco-conscious silicone, making it safe and sustainable.
✅ Certified Quality CE / EU certification ensures a high standard of safety and performance.
✅ Easy Ice Cube Making Simplify the process of crafting ice shot glasses for your favorite beverages.
✅ Fun and Functional Perfect for parties, gatherings, and adding a touch of novelty to your drinks.

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