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Cabbage Slicer

Cabbage Slicer

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The Ultimate Kitchen Companion: Slice, Peel, Scale!

From Peeling to Fish Scaling: Discover the Power of Multifunction in One Elegant Tool!

Your Kitchen Deserves Efficiency: Embrace the Double Blade Slicer Advantage!

✅ High-Quality Material Constructed with durable 4CR13mov Stainless steel blade and robust plastic handle, ensuring long-lasting performance.

✅ Dual Functionality Expertly designed to be both a peeler and a fish scale remover, this tool eliminates the need for multiple tools and saves space in your kitchen.

✅ Precision in Every Slice The slicer's double blade ensures even and smooth slicing every time, enhancing the aesthetics and taste of your dishes.

✅ Ergonomic Design Lightweight and perfectly sized at 32.5mm, it fits comfortably in hand, allowing for efficient and safe use.

✅ Eco-Friendly and Stocked Consciously created with eco-friendly materials, the slicer is a sustainable kitchen tool choice. Plus, with its "stocked" feature, it's readily available for all your culinary adventures!

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