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Bathtub Shelf Extendable

Bathtub Shelf Extendable

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Experience Ultimate Relaxation: Dive into Your Personal Spa Retreat.

Turn your bath into an oasis of relaxation with our extendable bathtub tray, designed for comfort and utility.

Every Bath Deserves a Touch of Luxury.

✅ Adaptable to Your Tub Extendable design fits various bathtub sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
✅ Multi-Functionality Perfect for holding books, towels, and other accessories, turning your bath into a relaxation haven.
✅ Sturdy & Durable Crafted from high-quality PP material with a 3KG load-bearing capacity, ensuring longevity and reliability.
✅ Sophisticated Design Available in sleek black and white colors to complement any bathroom decor.
✅ Easy to Clean & Maintain Simply wipe down to keep it looking pristine and ready for your next soak.

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